Sudarshan Pyramid Paradise

Sudarshan Pyramid Paradise

Sudarshan Pyramid Paradise is a Natural Therapeutic Retreat Centre with a holistic approach and personal touch. Its sole objective is for holistic, physical, mental, psychosomatic, somatopsychic, psychological, emotional, psychic, spiritual & social remedial needs, well-being, healing, and development. It is resided in the laps of lush green teak wood forest, flora and fauna encircled with huge mountains, beautiful hills adjacent to scenic lovely lake with dancing peacocks, jumping rabbits, variety of flying birds and butterflies. This place is blessed with the essence of Laxmi-Vishnu, a holy Hindu God & Goddess portraying balanced masculine and feminine energy (Shiw-Sahkti). Spiritual, cosmic, earth, and water energies revealed here are in abundance because of which mystical and magical healing energy is available. Our programs are designed based on food, water, yoga, meditation, reiki, energy, color, and crystal therapies. We organize unique healing and development programs by experienced and specially trained experts.

Meet Our Pillars

Dr. Mangal Dhend               (Founder & Director)

Dr. Mrs. Mangal Hemant Dhend is a global holistic and spiritual coach, healer, mentor, and expert. She is a founder and proprietor of Sudarshan Pyramid Paradise; a natural therapeutic retreat, well-being, healing, and development center. She is also an international engineering educator, founder, and secretary of Vihangam Techno Holistic Organization, which is an NGO of humanitarian activities for social welfare, and holistic and spiritual development.

Mr. Hemant Dhend

( Co- Founder & CEO )

He is a retired government officer. He was a joint director, industrial safety and health department of Maharashtra state. He has done BE Mechanical engineering and MBA marketing. He is having 30 years of experience in industrial safety and health in various regions of Maharashtra like, Pune, Nashik, Ahmednagar, Kolhapur.

Our Courses

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